Week 18_New Scene Breakdown and Updated Pencil Test

Base on the feedback we had obtained from week 15 presentation, I had changed the colour scheme of the Main Character. Thus there was a new to re do the scene breakdown, as the earlier version, it was feedbacked that the composition was not good enough thus i re did the scene.

To view the breakdown, click the link below:

Scene Breakdown Link

Aside from the scene breakdown that i did, i also had to correct the pencil test which i had originally done, as the original was not well animated. For the new version, i cleaned up the lines and even coloured it.

To view the pencil Test, click the link below:

Pencil Test Link


Week 18_New Storyboard Scenes and Colour script

As mention in one of the post, base on the feedback obtained from Week 15 mini presentation, there was a need to re-edit the storyboards. Base on the roughs given to me by Xiaohan, i had to redraw the boards with the character details.

Rough Boards Done:

extras1      extras    extras 2


Newly Edited Boards:

pg1 (1-5)       pg2 (6-11)

pg15 (84-89)   pg16 (90-95) pg17 (96-99)


Right after the opening scene of the exterior of Changi Airport, instead of introducing the main character, we cut to some passengers carrying out the Do’s at a security check. After which we cut to MC having his passport checked before he heads for the boarding area.

For the ending scene, we scrap away the former idea which was for MC to leave the boarding gate and board his plane without any problem, while the sweeper would sweep away the fallen items and bring it to secret room.

Instead we changed it to MC being dragged away by the sweeper into a small room where MC will be further question and while MC was dragged away, he would be screaming in despair as he sees his plane leaving without him.

Aside from the newly drawn boards, I also did most of the colour script, as we had to replace the old one since the colours for the Main character had been changed, as well as re-editing some of the chosen panel to be used for colour script

Newly Done Colour script:

colour script 1_new   colour script 2_new  colour script 3_new

The first panel was a shot of the outside of Changi Airport, which i left to Gek Luan to do it as i was unsure of the colours for it.


Week 17_Character Turnaround, Poses and expression Sheet

With the final presentation coming soon, there was a need to finish up the turnaround and complete the model sheet for the characters.

Turnaround for MC:

Turnaround MC new

Turnaround for Guard:

Turnaround guard new

Turnaround for Sweeper:

Turnaround Sweeper New

Turnaround for Nancy:

Turnaround girl new

Comparison Chart:

comparison chart new

Aside from getting the turnaround done, i also did the action poses and expression sheet for the 3 main characters.

Pose sheet for MC:

Poses MC

Out of all the characters, MC is the only character that has the most action as he is the one that interacts within the environment the most. He display a range of action from running to laughing to being shaken by the guard and finally being dragged way by the sweeper.

Pose Sheet for Guard:

poses guard

Majority of the time in the film, the guard would be sitting done monitoring the bag check. the only time he does any action is when he is calling for the sweeper and MC, as well as shaking MC upside down.

Pose Sheet for Sweeper:

poses sweper

The sweeper has retractable hands that would come out when the sweeper needs to use its hands for grabbing purpose. If not most of the time, the hands would be kept hidden. It arms are also extendable, so it can reach items that are far from it without having to move a long distance to reach it.

Just like the guard, there are not mention action for the sweeper other then dragging MC away as it only appears towards the end of the film.

Beside poses, there is also the expression sheet.

MC has the most expression as he is the only one that interacts most within the environment.

Expression Sheet for MC:

expression MC

Expression Sheet for Guard:

expression guard

For the guard, he is always seen with a serious face throughout the film, and his expression only gets more serious when MC sets of the alarm and starts laughing at the Guards baby like face.

Expression Sheet for Sweeper:

expression sweeper

Though it is a robot, the sweeper would also display some changes in expression as well.


Week 16_ New character Design

Base on the feedback, i used some new references such as from the cartoon series, Jetson, to redesign the characters.


13892784_1  (reference used for the sweeper)

iyskyj06      the-jetsons-george     z0qt8o32

References used for redesigning Nancy and MC.

Base on the references, i came up with some new design for the characters, as well as new colour scheme for the guard and MC. I made the new design to have more clean lines. More shapes edges are added into the design, for example Nancy dress, i reference the design from that of the daughter in Jetson.

New Design for Sweeper:


sweeper new


The tiny hands that were at the tip of the arm was removed to make the design less tedious to draw. Instead hands are now retractable. Thus when sweeper does not need to use its hands, the hands will be hidden from view.



New Design for MC:

MC  new

For the new design of MC, i re edited the colour scheme for it as in the previous colour scheme, MC was blending in too much with the background, that it is no longer standing out from the background. I also added triangular collars to the clothes, which has a similar concept to the daughter in Jetson.

New Design for Guard:

guard new

For the Design of the guard, i added a small walkie talkie and an emblem on the right shoulder of the guard. I also change the colour of the guard to make it look less like a security guard and more like the security check guard.


New Design of Nancy:



girl new 2

Her design is very similar to that of the daughter in Jetson, Her hairstyle was changed to make it more simpler to draw and animate. The hair also gives of a more futuristic feel than the previous design.


Base on the colours used to colour the background, i did a new colour study for MC and the guard, such that they do not blend too much with the background.

Colour studies for MC:

MC  colour test 2

Colour Study for Guard:

guard colour test 2

I also did poses for MC:



Week 15- VIVA

After our screwed up viva last time during week 5, this was our next important mile stone. In comparison to the last mini viva, we had a lot more time to prepare for this viva.

This presentation came off way better than the previous one as we are certainly more prepared. The components that are required are mostly in and most importantly, we remembered our lesson and did our presentations using a powerpoint this time. I think that this certainly have been a great help to us. Unlike of previous mini viva where everything is messed up and not going in the way we wanted it to, it is smoother this time with lesser hiccups along the way. With the technical aspect out of the way, all of us are able to be more calm and the information are being conveyed out clearer.

There are still missing bits and pieces that had yet to be added in to our pitch bible and slides. We received valuable feedbacks from the session. For me who is designing the environment, i realised that my exterior environment didnt tell me much information that our film is set in a futuristic world. The opening scene will be the first look the the audiences have to our film, basically the first impression of our film. I have to make sure that even though it may not be a very long scene, it should convey the style and information. there are alot of things that i can play around with. for example, one very important thing that the lecturer mentioned is that where are the airplanes? even a simple airplane flying sound could make an impact an establish our setting even clearer. And apart from it being a usual airplane, how would it look like in a futuristic setting? will it still look like an airplane? And for the cityscape shot, i could add more futuristic element to make the scene more fun to look at,opposed to it being a plain old “road to changi” scene. This is the chance for me to explore the things that i can do.

It is also very important for us to know about how an airport operates. Like what the lecturers said, we would not want to be sending out wrong information, even with we are not commissioned to do the project. There are also some things missing from our slides and pitch bible. We have to make sure that everything will be in ready and before the final presentation

Personally, I have to admit that i was lagging behind the schedule by alot and i had to rush out many of the things right before the presentation. We initially planned to rehearse but in the end we still didnt have time left to fully rehearse. this is certainly a problem that i would like to correct before our very final presentation. I believe that with well rehearse sequences, we will be able to show even better things and it will increase the chances of our projects being green lit.

week 14/15- storyboards and colour script

While Xiao Han worked on the first half of the storyboards, i was working on grayscaling the 2nd half of the storyboard scenes with the red light environmnt. Those scenes were really fun to work with as i really like the feel of the tinted red scenes.

Difficulties i faced when grayscaling the frames. The constant need of keeping the light source in the same direction with the other members. As we are all working on different frames, there are chances where we might accidentally mess up the light source. It is also challenging to make sure that the completed painting(i refer each frame as a painting of its own too,hence every single frame should look nice if possible) has the lighting effect shown clearly and also to the vision that i want. I initially thought that i would be able to complete the frames pretty quickly. However,i took one night to redraw and colour around 24 frames. It certainly took longer than i expected it to me. Furthermore,the colouring that we are using right now is pretty rough. This can be used as a gauge on how long we will need to colour for the final film if our project is hopefully green-lit.


After the storyboards, i am in charge of the colour script of the film. This is an important process as it tells us how our film will look like when it is coloured unlike the animatic which only shows the film in grayscale. Even though it was not an easy process, after completing the colour script, i can see where our film weaknesses and strengths are. Honestly speaking, i has my initial doubts for whether our film will work. After seeing our 48 hours film being completed and the initial storyboards, i am beginning to see more of the interesting points of our story and began to like our story even more.

Colour scripts:


colour script 1 colour script 2 colour script 3

Communication and helping out each other is very important here. Even if i may be good at some parts, i still have many flaws and i need to rely on my teammates to help me fill up that weakness.


Week 14- storyboards

After i finished designing the props and the environment setting for our animation, i joined in the storyboarding processes too. after xiao han and marilyn did the lining of characters in storyboards, i drew in the background for all the frames.

Here are the storyboards which i drew.

BG_set 1_colour BG_set 2 BG_set 3 BG_set 4 BG_set 5 BG_set 7   BG_set 11

While i am adding in the background, i will sometimes face problems like character framing and angle problems. I have to either solve this by changing the angle of environment to fit in the character. Other than simply drawing in the backgrounds, as an art director, i have also made sure that each and every frame has its special qualities and angles so that the whole animation will be more dynamic. When i am drawing in the backgrounds, there will be occasions where i feel that the cuts are always so flat and this might make the audience feel that it is a boring film. In order to fix that to make our film more interesting, i will sometimes redraw them into a more interesting angle and composition. My job is to make sure that the background and character fits with each other and at the same time, i must not lose the 3 dimensional space within the film. 

There are scenes like the dropping scene, which i feel that that is the most important part of the film as that is the main information that our animation hope to able to convey. The importance of having rules to be told clear, and at the same time, not losing  the comedy element in our story. It is a very important balance that i have to keep in mind when i am drawing those frames.


before1 before2

After (after i redrew the frames):

BG_set 9BG_set 10

It was an interesting process to draw these frames out. Even though it may look simple, it isnt so.

I have to think about how the items are going to be dropped, in what sequence are they dropped (in this case, i dropped the most common items that are brought on board first -> after that, we have some interesting elements like fake bombs and guns -> lastly, other common mistakes/items people think that they can. but its actually illegal to be allowed on board. other than the dropping items, the way and position the item lands need to be planned too. I took yitting suggestion of having items dropped in such a way that  foreground,midground and background are separated. this will enhance the 3d space that is created. Even the frame for shaking of MC is fun too. I tried to bring in the different hand,legs and items from different direction,so again to set up the 3d space inside the scene. 

Even though it took me more than a day to finish everything(not only this scene), i am glad that the redrawn boards made our animation look much better and interesting