Week 1_Story ideas generation

The themes for us to work on for our FYP are out!

  • Collaboration with special awareness
  • a short film that depicts the rules of items allowed/prohibited to bring on board plane (Changi Airport)
  • Personal Encounter
  • Something that screams Singapore/related to Singapore

Our task is to create 5 or more storylines with any of these themes. I feel that it ¬†was a little challenging to come up with ideas at the start as it there ere just so many things we could talk about. Each of us shared our stories and ideas that we could think of. The stories that we thought of were not organise and we didn’t explore much into it as there were so many themes for us to do. After teacher’s advice on focusing on a limited amount of topics, we picked up the feasible ideas that we could work on.


For the very first stage,

our group decided to focus on the first 3 topics.

Ideas that we came up with:


[after thoughts]

I honestly did not expect that there would be real clients available for fyp. It will certainly be stressful as we have to not only make sure that we could meet the clients’ needs, we need to work it out so that the final product will show our skills too. If our pitch for the client get approved, it will certainly be a challenging but interesting. experience.