Week 6_Silhouette Studies

Having to redesign the characters from scratch, I started with the silhouette studies for the characters to try and find some interesting design to use. For our story, we were advise that we should make our character design as visually pleasing as we can. Hence we thought of several ideas such as making the setting futuristic, or underwater setting.

At first, the way i did my character silhouette design was more of turning a character into silhouette. The studies were not simplified enough. The silhouette were too define for further exploration, hence i went with more undefined shapes.

 Early Silhouette Studies for Main Character

In our original idea, we thought of making the main character of average built and tall, no i thought of possibly making the character fat and big.

Early Silhouette Studies for Guard 1

Early Silhouette Studies for Guard 2

Early Silhouette Studies for Guard 3

Should we carry on with the concept of making the story setting futuristic, I thought of making the guard a robot rather then it being human. This way, we could counter the issue of making the airport mistreating its customers, such as dropping the main character after having the items shake out of him.

Early Silhouette Studies for Sweeper

Early Silhouette Studies for Sweeper 2

After thinking of several design, i thought of making the sweeper a lovable character even though it does not play a huge role in the story.

After showing the design the lecturers, I was told that the silhouettes studies were not really silhouette studies and i should just go with more blobbing rather then giving a definite shape to the silhouette.

Hence it lead to the following studies.

New Silhouette Studies 1

New Silhouette Studies 2

New Silhouette Studies 3


Week 5- first mini viva

We had our first mini viva on week 5,Wednesday.  It was the first viva for us to pitch to other lecturers other than Yitting or Jim.

In our group,we divided our task into different sections instead of one person focusing on a story each. We thought that this would be a better idea as we are stronger in certain areas. I personally thought that this idea will be like a mini simulation of what we will be doing when we are going to work on one chosen idea.

However things didnt worked out as well as we thought it would be. On the day of presentation, we were still not completely done with our pitch bible. The content needed were there but it wasnt ready for presentation. We decided to takr a gamble and compile whatever we did in words since we already have 70% of the items needed in there. We only had little time left before the pitch and only managed to rehearse part of the content. It was the first time for us to present in pdf format and we totally didnt expect that there will be problems during presentation as we are all focusing on trying to complete the stuff. Without saying,going in unprepared isnt going to give us the best results. We only briefly thought about the flow of presentation, and also on how to insert the initial wip designs of whatever we have. We tried arranging the content as story premise ->brief design of character(initially this was together with the main character design portion, however, we have to show the design infront to give the viewers the image,hence it was separated) ->Story&storyboards  -> character designs (the intial ideas were in too.We wanted to showcase a little of the design process but this made our presentation look messy and unorganized instead.) ->Environment designs.
somehow,due to the fact that it was in pdf format, and the constant need of scrolling through the document, it looked like not much thought was put into it.

However, there is no use thinking about the mistakes anymore. We can only take note of thrm make sure that we will nv make these mistakes again. This may be our graded first presentation, it is certainly not the last time. Think from another angle, at least we made and realise these mistakes early. So for the subsequent presentations, we will not make such mistakes again.

Regarding our ideas:
There were originally 3 ideas left before the mini viva. Due to our bad performance,most of the comments went to the way of presentation instead of the story ideas. I am in charge of creating the moodboard and environment. during my presentation,i mentioned that i configured that arrangement of the space in changi airport. personally,i debated about keeping the original arrangements or designing new ones. If we keep the original, it will be confirmed that the layout will work since it is already in place. However,i still chose to design new ones as i thought that it is our animation. It wouldn’t matter if the place differs from the original one. And also that since it was mentioned by lecturers that we could totally change the settings of airport.(e.g. into an underwater world),this would mean that the configuration will be changed too. Secondly, those designs that i came up with werent base on random decisions, it was with some planning and also with recerences to some of the airports and customs that i went before. Even with the locations shifted, it will still be recognizeable as a TSA area. Furthermore,i thought that it will be more interesting as compared to the usual airport.

Other than the environment, i had fun painitng the rough moodboards too. It was good to paint out the visuals that i had in my mind. Its probably my painting style but it still felt bad to hear that they look like rushed out work even though i did spent hours painting those out thinking they qualify for inital moodboards. On thr brighter note,all critisms means there r room for improvments. I will take what the lecturers have said and improve my future works.

Week 5_Mini Viva

On 21 May 2014, The mini viva was held. A group of lecturers would be present to hear our 3 ideas which would then be narrowed down to 1 idea where we would begin further development on the chosen idea. Our group was assigned to present in the morning.

Due to failure to meet the deadline of getting the materials needed for the presentation, right up to the  timing for our presentation, we were still compiling the materials that was needed for the presentation. Just when we finished compiling, it was our turn to present.

We had decided to use PDF as a means of presenting rather then using powerpoint for presentation.

During the presentation, We face some technical difficulties, our presentation was not going to way we wanted to. It was too distracting for the lecturers present at the presentation to fully grasped our story idea. Our storyboards were poorly drawn that it was unable to convey the story ideas. We did unnecessary research on the design of the background. we place our focus on the wrong areas. Character design was not approved as it was too similar to the ‘anime’ style, and it was remotely not reflecting the western style that was being seeked out. Our stories were also said to not have a solid ending.

After the presentation, we were given 2 choices, Game on and Airport Rule 101 to choose to further work on the story.

(After thoughts:)

We should have used powerpoint to present. Instead of giving one area for each member to do, we should have split the workload by story idea, so that everyone could give a try at doing a storyboard, character design and environment design  for the story.

When preparing for the mini viva, I was in charge of doing the character design for all 3 stories, there was roughly 6-7 characters that i had to deal with. When coming up with the design for the character design, i face some problems, one of the biggest problem was the personality of the character, our biography for the characters were not well developed hence i had a hard time picturing how the characters should look like. Hence i spent a large amount of time on trying to come out with the design of the character so that it is able to portray the personality of the character. Furthermore, we were not able to come out with a style to focus on. Hence without a decided style, i went with the more comfortable style which was the ‘anime style’ when drawing the characters. I tried exploring some styles in the initial design of the character, but it was not picked for further development. As a result, we ended up  with the anime style.

Goal from here on:

We now need to choose a story from the 2 ideas and work out the faults that has been pointed to us. We need to come out with a solid ending and new character design for the character in the story.

Week 4- Floor plan



Both our story Game On and Airport rules 101 take place at the same place. I design the layout of the area that they will be mainly at.

Firstly being the waiting area before u enter for the security check


And within the security check area. I considered the design factors and the feasibility of them. the first design will not work out as most likely there will be a blockage and passengers will be confused on where to move next. The second design is like most current design with both stations sitting side by side. This will work however, it might be a little plain.  The 3rd and 4th design with entrance at 2 sides are something that i can explore more on.


This is the layout designs for the girl’s room in Game on. Even though it will only be a quick scene, i felt that how her room is designed should reflect her personality. As a person who is will leave things for last minute but a straightforward person will keep her room simple , but will most probably be messy.


Week 4- progress on concept development

Everyone is working on developing our own department. Marilyn is working on the character designs, Xiao Han is working on the storyboards while I am working on the environment, floor plan and mood boards.

After Xiao Han has the initial storyboard designs, i also gave my suggestions on improving the storyboards.

Suggestion for the storyboard for Game On

Suggestions for the storyboard of Game On

I increased the contrast of the objects in the scene to make the storyboard more interesting. E.g.: for the first board, i made the bag even closer the the camera and made a Z axis blocking. This increases the focus of the items in the bag. I learnt that in order to make a scene more impactful, i draw out various angles to see the composition before deciding which is a better option. This will be very important in our concept development stage as this is the time we can explore the choices.


I am also currently working on the environment design of the airport where 2 of our stories will be based on.

Some rough environment designs of the airport

Some rough environment designs of the airport

For Game On, there will be a scene of girl rushing into the airport since she is late, I hope that the entrance of changi airport with airplane flying at the background will be shown. I also like the idea of having the characters to run through the hallway with huge glass windows showing the planes outside. The shadow casted on the interior will be amazing.


Boarding gate area and inside the boarding area

Some layout design for the boarding waiting area. I really like the fact that greenery is implemented in Changi airport design, hence i also used it. I like the idea of the place being spacious hence there are tall ceilings.

The metal detector, being one the the main thing we will see very often in our animation, i also went on designing it. The sounding alarm which is important in our Airport 101 story, look like eyes of the gate. To correspond with the comedy effect of the story, i thought that we could break the rules from the start. The gate can make various simple expressions, like the design shown above.

For Game on, i designed the gates with a more futuristic feel to it. The game component that we have in our story, makes it feels like the airport should be in a slightly more advanced setting.


Moodboard for Airport 101

Once again, realising how to proportions will help to amplify the characters.


First draft

the man has the line of action but the guard is stiff and doesnt look imposing enough



Made the size of the guard look bigger. the imposing effect is there.





Tried various line of action to for the guard.



Moodboard test of man being shaken by guard.




Week 4_Concept design for characters.

After having our ideas narrowed down to just 3 ideas, we divided up the work load by assigning each of as to do different jobs, I was in charged of doing the character design for all 3 stories. As i had very little information on the description of how the character looks, as we had yet to finalized the biography of the characters in the story.


This were some face exploration that i thought of using in the designing of the characters.

Face Exploration

For Child Play:

Initial Concept design of Main character 1

Initial Concept design of Main character 2

Initial Concept design of Side character (devil version)

These were some early sketches that i did for the character design. I was still trying to figure out what the character would be wearing such that it fits its age and personality.

Face Design of Main character

Rough Design of Main character

Face Design of Side character (devil mode)

Face Design of Side Character (Normal Mode)

After some feedback from my group members, i made some further exploration to the design.

Likewise for the other 2 stories.

Game on:

Initial concept sketches for main character.

Current Design:

Face Design of Main character

Rough Design of Main Character

Airport Rule 101:

Initial Concept

Design for Sweeper

Design for Guard

Design of Main character

Current Concept:

Face Design of Sweeper

Face Design of Guard

Rough Full body Design of guard

Rough Full body Design of Main character

When designing the guard and sweeper in the story, i used reference from Popeye the Sailor man and cloudy with a chance of meatballs.



I have yet to deiced on a style to stylized the characters so as to make it easier to animate. Some styles that i am looking into is cartoons from cartoon network and nickelodeon. The characters are usually made up of very distinct basic shape, thus making it easy to animate. Since the characters are not drawn in normal human proportion, it is possible to exaggerate the actions of the characters.

Some series are: Danny Phantom, Fairly Oddparents and Johnny Test.




Week 4 updates; storyboards

A few more days to our week 5 mini viva!!! Last week, our 5 ideas were being narrowed down into three ideas, and although we really liked the kid and the smoke story, due to some reasons it was refused and replaced with the man on the airplane instead. After a bit of editing and changing of frames with the help of the feedback given by the other members, this is the 90% of the storyboards.


Child’s Play:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 22.51.04Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 22.50.49


Game On:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 22.57.41


Swept Away:

Screen Shot 2014-05-17 at 23.52.04

There’s still a bit of tweaking to be done and we should be able to get everything prepared and done by Wednesday!