silhouette studies – week 7

As Marilyn has some difficulties in visualising character designs, Yiting suggested that we could do some silhouette studies to visualize it better, so TADAH.


I did a few studies on the sweeper, with the help of a few references.



Steet+Sweeper+by+FaceMePLS1 road_sweeper_362715 REAPERBROOM


park-sweeper Jetsons-robot-maid full



A_Black_and_White_Cartoon_Man_Sweeping_with_a_Broom_Royalty_Free_Clipart_Picture_100910-175928-575053 090814_Baghead_Broom_Sweeper 2004.09.05.worldcon.grim_sweeper


and these are a few of the studies that I did.








Mostly it was just experimenting with different shapes, and later on I passed it on to Marilyn to see if there is any that she liked and could use it to further develop.

Also, we each did individual storyboards so as to see how individual members visualize the story in their own way. That way, we can have different angles to play around with too.

Scan 6 copy


the above was my own rendition of how the entire film would look like.

So that’s about it! Till next update then~