Week 14- storyboards

After i finished designing the props and the environment setting for our animation, i joined in the storyboarding processes too. after xiao han and marilyn did the lining of characters in storyboards, i drew in the background for all the frames.

Here are the storyboards which i drew.

BG_set 1_colour BG_set 2 BG_set 3 BG_set 4 BG_set 5 BG_set 7   BG_set 11

While i am adding in the background, i will sometimes face problems like character framing and angle problems. I have to either solve this by changing the angle of environment to fit in the character. Other than simply drawing in the backgrounds, as an art director, i have also made sure that each and every frame has its special qualities and angles so that the whole animation will be more dynamic. When i am drawing in the backgrounds, there will be occasions where i feel that the cuts are always so flat and this might make the audience feel that it is a boring film. In order to fix that to make our film more interesting, i will sometimes redraw them into a more interesting angle and composition. My job is to make sure that the background and character fits with each other and at the same time, i must not lose the 3 dimensional space within the film. 

There are scenes like the dropping scene, which i feel that that is the most important part of the film as that is the main information that our animation hope to able to convey. The importance of having rules to be told clear, and at the same time, not losing  the comedy element in our story. It is a very important balance that i have to keep in mind when i am drawing those frames.


before1 before2

After (after i redrew the frames):

BG_set 9BG_set 10

It was an interesting process to draw these frames out. Even though it may look simple, it isnt so.

I have to think about how the items are going to be dropped, in what sequence are they dropped (in this case, i dropped the most common items that are brought on board first -> after that, we have some interesting elements like fake bombs and guns -> lastly, other common mistakes/items people think that they can. but its actually illegal to be allowed on board. other than the dropping items, the way and position the item lands need to be planned too. I took yitting suggestion of having items dropped in such a way that  foreground,midground and background are separated. this will enhance the 3d space that is created. Even the frame for shaking of MC is fun too. I tried to bring in the different hand,legs and items from different direction,so again to set up the 3d space inside the scene. 

Even though it took me more than a day to finish everything(not only this scene), i am glad that the redrawn boards made our animation look much better and interesting


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