week 14/15- storyboards and colour script

While Xiao Han worked on the first half of the storyboards, i was working on grayscaling the 2nd half of the storyboard scenes with the red light environmnt. Those scenes were really fun to work with as i really like the feel of the tinted red scenes.

Difficulties i faced when grayscaling the frames. The constant need of keeping the light source in the same direction with the other members. As we are all working on different frames, there are chances where we might accidentally mess up the light source. It is also challenging to make sure that the completed painting(i refer each frame as a painting of its own too,hence every single frame should look nice if possible) has the lighting effect shown clearly and also to the vision that i want. I initially thought that i would be able to complete the frames pretty quickly. However,i took one night to redraw and colour around 24 frames. It certainly took longer than i expected it to me. Furthermore,the colouring that we are using right now is pretty rough. This can be used as a gauge on how long we will need to colour for the final film if our project is hopefully green-lit.


After the storyboards, i am in charge of the colour script of the film. This is an important process as it tells us how our film will look like when it is coloured unlike the animatic which only shows the film in grayscale. Even though it was not an easy process, after completing the colour script, i can see where our film weaknesses and strengths are. Honestly speaking, i has my initial doubts for whether our film will work. After seeing our 48 hours film being completed and the initial storyboards, i am beginning to see more of the interesting points of our story and began to like our story even more.

Colour scripts:


colour script 1 colour script 2 colour script 3

Communication and helping out each other is very important here. Even if i may be good at some parts, i still have many flaws and i need to rely on my teammates to help me fill up that weakness.



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