Week 15- VIVA

After our screwed up viva last time during week 5, this was our next important mile stone. In comparison to the last mini viva, we had a lot more time to prepare for this viva.

This presentation came off way better than the previous one as we are certainly more prepared. The components that are required are mostly in and most importantly, we remembered our lesson and did our presentations using a powerpoint this time. I think that this certainly have been a great help to us. Unlike of previous mini viva where everything is messed up and not going in the way we wanted it to, it is smoother this time with lesser hiccups along the way. With the technical aspect out of the way, all of us are able to be more calm and the information are being conveyed out clearer.

There are still missing bits and pieces that had yet to be added in to our pitch bible and slides. We received valuable feedbacks from the session. For me who is designing the environment, i realised that my exterior environment didnt tell me much information that our film is set in a futuristic world. The opening scene will be the first look the the audiences have to our film, basically the first impression of our film. I have to make sure that even though it may not be a very long scene, it should convey the style and information. there are alot of things that i can play around with. for example, one very important thing that the lecturer mentioned is that where are the airplanes? even a simple airplane flying sound could make an impact an establish our setting even clearer. And apart from it being a usual airplane, how would it look like in a futuristic setting? will it still look like an airplane? And for the cityscape shot, i could add more futuristic element to make the scene more fun to look at,opposed to it being a plain old “road to changi” scene. This is the chance for me to explore the things that i can do.

It is also very important for us to know about how an airport operates. Like what the lecturers said, we would not want to be sending out wrong information, even with we are not commissioned to do the project. There are also some things missing from our slides and pitch bible. We have to make sure that everything will be in ready and before the final presentation

Personally, I have to admit that i was lagging behind the schedule by alot and i had to rush out many of the things right before the presentation. We initially planned to rehearse but in the end we still didnt have time left to fully rehearse. this is certainly a problem that i would like to correct before our very final presentation. I believe that with well rehearse sequences, we will be able to show even better things and it will increase the chances of our projects being green lit.


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