Week 16_ New character Design

Base on the feedback, i used some new references such as from the cartoon series, Jetson, to redesign the characters.


13892784_1  (reference used for the sweeper)

iyskyj06      the-jetsons-george     z0qt8o32

References used for redesigning Nancy and MC.

Base on the references, i came up with some new design for the characters, as well as new colour scheme for the guard and MC. I made the new design to have more clean lines. More shapes edges are added into the design, for example Nancy dress, i reference the design from that of the daughter in Jetson.

New Design for Sweeper:


sweeper new


The tiny hands that were at the tip of the arm was removed to make the design less tedious to draw. Instead hands are now retractable. Thus when sweeper does not need to use its hands, the hands will be hidden from view.



New Design for MC:

MC  new

For the new design of MC, i re edited the colour scheme for it as in the previous colour scheme, MC was blending in too much with the background, that it is no longer standing out from the background. I also added triangular collars to the clothes, which has a similar concept to the daughter in Jetson.

New Design for Guard:

guard new

For the Design of the guard, i added a small walkie talkie and an emblem on the right shoulder of the guard. I also change the colour of the guard to make it look less like a security guard and more like the security check guard.


New Design of Nancy:



girl new 2

Her design is very similar to that of the daughter in Jetson, Her hairstyle was changed to make it more simpler to draw and animate. The hair also gives of a more futuristic feel than the previous design.


Base on the colours used to colour the background, i did a new colour study for MC and the guard, such that they do not blend too much with the background.

Colour studies for MC:

MC  colour test 2

Colour Study for Guard:

guard colour test 2

I also did poses for MC:




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