Week 17_Character Turnaround, Poses and expression Sheet

With the final presentation coming soon, there was a need to finish up the turnaround and complete the model sheet for the characters.

Turnaround for MC:

Turnaround MC new

Turnaround for Guard:

Turnaround guard new

Turnaround for Sweeper:

Turnaround Sweeper New

Turnaround for Nancy:

Turnaround girl new

Comparison Chart:

comparison chart new

Aside from getting the turnaround done, i also did the action poses and expression sheet for the 3 main characters.

Pose sheet for MC:

Poses MC

Out of all the characters, MC is the only character that has the most action as he is the one that interacts within the environment the most. He display a range of action from running to laughing to being shaken by the guard and finally being dragged way by the sweeper.

Pose Sheet for Guard:

poses guard

Majority of the time in the film, the guard would be sitting done monitoring the bag check. the only time he does any action is when he is calling for the sweeper and MC, as well as shaking MC upside down.

Pose Sheet for Sweeper:

poses sweper

The sweeper has retractable hands that would come out when the sweeper needs to use its hands for grabbing purpose. If not most of the time, the hands would be kept hidden. It arms are also extendable, so it can reach items that are far from it without having to move a long distance to reach it.

Just like the guard, there are not mention action for the sweeper other then dragging MC away as it only appears towards the end of the film.

Beside poses, there is also the expression sheet.

MC has the most expression as he is the only one that interacts most within the environment.

Expression Sheet for MC:

expression MC

Expression Sheet for Guard:

expression guard

For the guard, he is always seen with a serious face throughout the film, and his expression only gets more serious when MC sets of the alarm and starts laughing at the Guards baby like face.

Expression Sheet for Sweeper:

expression sweeper

Though it is a robot, the sweeper would also display some changes in expression as well.



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