Week 18_New Storyboard Scenes and Colour script

As mention in one of the post, base on the feedback obtained from Week 15 mini presentation, there was a need to re-edit the storyboards. Base on the roughs given to me by Xiaohan, i had to redraw the boards with the character details.

Rough Boards Done:

extras1      extras    extras 2


Newly Edited Boards:

pg1 (1-5)       pg2 (6-11)

pg15 (84-89)   pg16 (90-95) pg17 (96-99)


Right after the opening scene of the exterior of Changi Airport, instead of introducing the main character, we cut to some passengers carrying out the Do’s at a security check. After which we cut to MC having his passport checked before he heads for the boarding area.

For the ending scene, we scrap away the former idea which was for MC to leave the boarding gate and board his plane without any problem, while the sweeper would sweep away the fallen items and bring it to secret room.

Instead we changed it to MC being dragged away by the sweeper into a small room where MC will be further question and while MC was dragged away, he would be screaming in despair as he sees his plane leaving without him.

Aside from the newly drawn boards, I also did most of the colour script, as we had to replace the old one since the colours for the Main character had been changed, as well as re-editing some of the chosen panel to be used for colour script

Newly Done Colour script:

colour script 1_new   colour script 2_new  colour script 3_new

The first panel was a shot of the outside of Changi Airport, which i left to Gek Luan to do it as i was unsure of the colours for it.



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