48 hours challenge

Last weekend, we were all issued with the challenge of creating a 2 mins short film within 48hours. All of us were initially expecting a totally new theme for the challenge, it surprised all of us when we were told that the theme would be us recreating our film using the 48hours. There were alot of complaints coming from everyone as they didnt want to create a film based on their animation.

Personally, at first, i thought that it would be hard too as the location of our film is set within changi and we wouldnt be able to enter that place if we are not traveling.  However, this problem was quickly solved when ms yitting told us that the setting doesnt have to be a real thing. If that is the case,i was really glad that we had such a timing to do this. The current problem of our group is that we are stucked within our imagination and we cant visualise how else our boards can be. Since of genre is comedy telling rules , the  animation requires fun and interesting angles to attract people’s attention. And with this actual filming, at least to me, it allowed me to explore more different perspective that we couldnt imagine while drawing on paper.

Due to limited resources that we have, we have to make use of whatever materials we can find. It was fun making the props need. E.g. the metal detector, using cardboard, and also the conveyor belt made using trash bag. We received alot of help from classmates and also Mr norman who kindly helped us as the main character.

We have to overcome several technical difficulties such as we couldnt keep the actors for too long hence we have to coordinate with everyone’s timing and try to complete the scenes as soon as possible. there is also problems such as the restriction of the location. Even though there were problems along the way, we got our way around it and completed our filming. All these constraints simulate the process of our production, i am glad that we could experience them first and have a feel of how a production will be like.

After we got all our footages, the post production is another important part of production. we have to edit the footage and make sure that the angles work out fine. I was in charging of editing the footages together and realised that there were several camera direction problems. one of the very big problem that we have is crossing the 180 line without any reason. It also made me realised that the screen direction is a major component. This is something we need to take note of this continuity.

Overall, i feel this this is a very important process for us to be able to see our film and to confirm that our animation is a doable one. Due to some constraints that we have, we are not able to film some scenes. The film is currently a little short now at 1m40s. We will still have to add in the missing scenes to see the whole film timing. It allows us to realise which scenes are too short or too long. This is certainly a important process for all of us.


Week 5_Mini Viva

On 21 May 2014, The mini viva was held. A group of lecturers would be present to hear our 3 ideas which would then be narrowed down to 1 idea where we would begin further development on the chosen idea. Our group was assigned to present in the morning.

Due to failure to meet the deadline of getting the materials needed for the presentation, right up to the  timing for our presentation, we were still compiling the materials that was needed for the presentation. Just when we finished compiling, it was our turn to present.

We had decided to use PDF as a means of presenting rather then using powerpoint for presentation.

During the presentation, We face some technical difficulties, our presentation was not going to way we wanted to. It was too distracting for the lecturers present at the presentation to fully grasped our story idea. Our storyboards were poorly drawn that it was unable to convey the story ideas. We did unnecessary research on the design of the background. we place our focus on the wrong areas. Character design was not approved as it was too similar to the ‘anime’ style, and it was remotely not reflecting the western style that was being seeked out. Our stories were also said to not have a solid ending.

After the presentation, we were given 2 choices, Game on and Airport Rule 101 to choose to further work on the story.

(After thoughts:)

We should have used powerpoint to present. Instead of giving one area for each member to do, we should have split the workload by story idea, so that everyone could give a try at doing a storyboard, character design and environment design  for the story.

When preparing for the mini viva, I was in charge of doing the character design for all 3 stories, there was roughly 6-7 characters that i had to deal with. When coming up with the design for the character design, i face some problems, one of the biggest problem was the personality of the character, our biography for the characters were not well developed hence i had a hard time picturing how the characters should look like. Hence i spent a large amount of time on trying to come out with the design of the character so that it is able to portray the personality of the character. Furthermore, we were not able to come out with a style to focus on. Hence without a decided style, i went with the more comfortable style which was the ‘anime style’ when drawing the characters. I tried exploring some styles in the initial design of the character, but it was not picked for further development. As a result, we ended up  with the anime style.

Goal from here on:

We now need to choose a story from the 2 ideas and work out the faults that has been pointed to us. We need to come out with a solid ending and new character design for the character in the story.

Week 3- Completion of studio logo

After having the refined logos done by Marilyn, the logos are finally closer to what we want. However, i still find that there was still something missing from the design.
The shape of the letters are basically established, however there were still problems with the colour,what part to colour, Therefore, i continued on with the varitions. Instead of having fully coloured,i decided to separate the rain by using a different colours

testing out new colour combination

testing out new colour combination

While i was designing the new combinations, i felt that the leaf didnt fit the overall style.

Screen Shot 2014-05-11 at 11.12.50 PM

I design other leaves. however, both team mates prefered the original one.

To fix that problem, I added weight to the line of the original leaf. There was also problem with the colour of the flower as it didnt fit the butterfly and coloured “Rain”. I changed the rendering method to make everything fit nicely.


This is our final design! I am really glad that we were able to include everyone’s design. We have Marilyn’s butterfly, Xiao Han’s leaf and my wording designs.

The final design for our logo

The final design for our logo


Week 3_ Finalizing Logo Design

After much designing, we have decided to go with Gek Luan Logo Design which was simple and pleasing to the eyes. With our chosen design, we played around with the design, by adding colour to the logo to make it look more colourful.


SpringRain logo2     logo 2

In the first image, i tried to add colour to the words to make it more outstanding. I also re design the looks of the butterfly. We made the letter p into the shape of a leaf to give it a more ‘Spring ‘ like feel to the logo. After the first round of experimenting, we decided to go with the 7th version. There we felt that we should either make the words all coloured black or for everything to be coloured to give it a sense of unity. I tried with colouring a portion of the words while the remaining word remains black.

Week 3_ Refining Ideas and Selection of 3 ideas

On Thursday 8 May 2014, from the feedback we have gotten from Christina during the workshop, we made some changes to the story plot, especially the Fumigation story. During Gek Luan and Xiaohan CDP period, they re pitch the newly developed version for the fumigation story, where they were given some feedback on the story.

At this point in time, out of the 5 ideas, we already have 3 ideas that we wish for it to be selected for further development.

Aside from pitching the stories idea to Christina, they also pitch the story to Jim. From the pitch, we obtain some nice ideas that we could put into our stories to make it more interesting and exaggerated. One of the story that we had, originally the plot of the story was such that the man in the story would enter into a dream state, where most of the events happens in that state. But after pitching the story to Jim, we have scraped the idea of including a dream stake and just stick to just one state. We also made the story more exaggerated than it was before, such as making the main character get lifted off the ground by a big guard.

We stayed back late in school to re edit the stories before the pitch which was held on Friday 9 May 2014.

On Friday 9 May 2014, we pitched the 5 ideas that we had to Yi ting. Since we had pitched to her our ideas a number of times, we merely told her the changes that we have made to the stories since the last time we had pitched to her. When we pitched to her the new version of Fumigation, hoping for it to be chosen as one of the ideas to be further developed. We were told that the idea was less impactful than the original story, as the new story no longer dwells on the defying the laws of physics.

After we have pitched our ideas, the 3 ideas that were narrowed down were:

1) man experience in flying brought some prohibited items out of complacency.

2) girl late for her flight was stopped by the guards

3) Man being constantly annoyed by a kid on the plane.


Original we had hoped for the fumigation story to be chosen as we had put quite alot of effort into refining the story. However due to the new refinement that we did, we ended up killing the story concept instead of making it better.


With the 3 ideas selected, we now are going to focus on creating the characters personality, character design and the character style for the characters.

Week 3_Story telling Workshop by Christina.

On Wednesday, 7 May 2014, we had a workshop conducted by Christina. Who told us to try to fit our stories idea into a template that was given to us to see if the story was developed enough.

After class, we presented 3 ideas that we liked out of all the ideas that we had to Christina. From her feedback, we had to make sure that our story idea is not provocative to the public as there was 2 ideas that involves a client. We had to tone down a certain scene in our story idea. (a girl being overly obsessed with bra sticking out from her bag when she was going through the security check.)

We were also told that we should play with the design of the characters to make the story more interesting.

Another story, Fumigation, that we pitch, the idea had to be revamped as the Main character, which was an insect was not impactful enough to appeal to the audience. Thus we had to rethink the characters in the story, while keeping the concept of the story the same.

Hence, after discussion, we changed the character to a kid and smoke from a smoke pipe.

[after thoughts]:

Truthfully, the story Fumigation, which is a story about an insect being chased by fume in a back alley. In this world, Fume is depicted as a character rather than just it being a gas. Fume also defies the law of physics in the Story world, as it was able to bounce items of and is solid enough to hit itself against the dustbin rather than passing through the bin. The insect is able to lift dustbin lids which is 3 times its size. The insect can also take out a water gun out of nowhere to shoot at the fume.

From my view, this story was pretty interesting to animate, it also strays away from the others ideas that we have that all have human characters. Being the animator for this group, it had imagine having very flowy like moments when it avoids the water shots shot by the insect.

However after the change in the characters and story plot, it was no longer as entertaining as i was to the original story.