Week 15_ Feedback from mini Presentation

On Wednesday, 30 July 2014, we had a mini presentation on the progress of our FYP.

Base on the feedback given to us by the lecturers, there are several changes that need to be made before week 18 submission.

Certain parts of the story has to be changed in order to convey the message much clearer. The role of the sweeper has to be changed to in order to give it more purpose in the film. Our establishing shot needs to be redesign to make it more futuristic as well as to add in several planes flying so as to indicate that the film is set in an airport. New scenes needs to be added to show the Do within the airport before we cut to showing MC doing the Don’t within the airport.

Some of our character design needs to be altered slightly so as to make animating more convenient should the film be green lit. The colour of MC needs to be changed as it seems to be blending into the background rather then standing out from it.


Week 15 – Mini Viva

It was a mad rush to get things done for the past few weeks in order to be ready for mini viva, but it was a great relief that we could get it done and gotten feedbacks for the things needed to be changed. 


Some of the feedbacks we got back were:

-For the opening scene, we should’ve included a scene to show the Do’s, since MC is focused on doing the Dont’s. And since it’s a futuristic theme, shouldn’t it be more futuristic rather than just showing the Changi control tower?

-The ending where the sweeper just sweeps the items away to this unknown room is irrelevant, as it doesn’t really have a link to our main story. Also, MC just boards the plane like that? After shaking so many prohibited items from him? That doesn’t seem plausible.

-The angles for the storyboards can’t be seen clearly; where is the floor? And the background? Where are the items dropping from?

Regarding these pointers that the lecturers had kindly pointed out (which made us realize that our story actually have a few major loopholes here and there), we have made the following changes:

-In the opening scene, we redesigned the control tower, with reference from Jetsons and a few ideas from Jim. Also, we added in a scene of an overview of the airport, zooming in into one or two people checking in and doing the correct things before it shows MC.

-Instead of making the sweeper just appear and sweep the items away into his room while MC runs onto his plane safely, we thought about making the sweeper sweep MC away instead, or dragging, and scraped off the room scene for the after credits.

-Thanks to the feedback we got from Yitting, she suggested that we show a bit of MC when the items are dropping, so as to give a direction on where – or who, for this matter – the things are dropping from. Also, to further show that the scene happens in the airport, in the background we would show some airplanes, so that the audience would know where the scene happens, and to further emphasize that we are, indeed, in the airport.


The above was just some of the more significant changes we did to our film, and with the deadline of the final viva coming up, all of us are trying our best to get things done for this as well as our own individual modules. 

I personally admit that I procrastinated a lot, delaying the things to be done. But we got it done on time in the end, albeit missing a few things here and there. For the remaining two weeks, we would have to buck up and complete the missing pieces in our project. No more slacking!

Week 14 – Updates

The mini viva was coming up, and I did the rough storyboards before handing them to Marilyn for lining. As I am the weakest in drawing, Marilyn had to add in the characters and redraw some frames before handing it back to me for grey-scaling. 


The rough one sent to Marilyn


and the lined and colored version. 

We distributed the storyboard frames so that coloring would be faster. After Gekkie was done with her environments and Marilyn with her characters, we each took a few frames to color and then it was sent to me again (individual frames) for the compilation of the animatics. I linked them up using storyboardPro while Marilyn did a few more frames for the animation part of the animatics. 

Week 14_Part 2_Drawing of storyboards

Being the only one who could draw the characters, i had to redraw the rough storyboard given to me by our storyboard artist. I had to  add in the characters into the boards. But while i was drawing the boards, i had to redraw some of the scenes instead of just drawing the characters into the storyboards given to me.

Rough Storyboard:


Redrawn Boards:

set 11

While drawing the boards, there were some key scenes that was not in the rough boards. I had to add the scenes in.

Missing scenes:

set 1 point 5 set 10p point 5

After the boards were done, i passed the drawn boards to the other members to get it coloured in B&W. I also helped to colour the boards so as to speed up the process of the work.

Colour boards that i did:

pg9 (48-53) pg6 (30-35) pg7 (36-41) pg8 (42-47)

Week 14_part 1_ Turntable, Pencil Test, Breakdone

After the design and colour of the characters are done, I did the turntable for the main characters and one of the minor characters.


Turnaround MC

Turnaround guard

Turnaround Sweeper

Turnaround girl

Beside the turnaround for the characters, I also did the character size comparison chart for all the featuring characters.

Size Comparison Chart:

comparison chart

As the only animator in the group, i did a  pencil test for the character. I did a simple walk cycle for MC. I decided that he would have 2 type of walk cycle. His normal walk would be a carefree walk, this would be seen when he is walking towards the security check. 2 second walk would be that of a proud stride.  This would be seen when he is walking through the scanner.

Video of Walk cycle:


I also animated some of the scenes for the animatic.


Changes are to be made in the following weeks.


While doing the pencil test, the design for MC underwent a minor change. The hair of MC was made even more simpler, as while i was animating; i found that the hair of the character was hard to maintain, thus the hair was slightly different from the originally decided design in week 12

Change in MC design:

Turnaround     Turnaround MC

Original Design from Week 12                                            Finally Design as of now.



For the presentation in Week 15, i did the breakdown process of how we go about colouring the scene. The background is drawn by our environment artist.

Video of Breakdown:


Week 13_Characters are done

I did some design for the minor characters that are present in the film. One of the minor character in the film is  a form of entertainment for the viewers, thus several design for the character is made.

Concept Design:

Design of girl 1

Design of girl 2

Design of girl 3


The unique point for the character is the hairstyle  of the character which will be getting stuck in the scanner.

After the design of the girl was chosen, i did some further design for girl before deciding on one.


Further Design


Chosen Design:

girl indi[This is the chosen design for the girl]


casThis is the design for the other minor character that will appear in the film.


Aside from designing the minor characters, i also did some design for the prop that the main character would be carrying.


Other then designing the final few characters for the film. I did some colour test for the 3 main characters before deciding on the final colour of the characters that we would be using for our film.


Colour test:

sweepe colour test guard colour test MC  colour test 1

Chosen Colours:

MC  indi girl indiguard indi cas indi sweeper indi

Week 14 – Environment and props design (exterior)

After developing the various designs for the environment outside the boarding area, we chose one to work and explore on.



The idea of this boarding area is for the establishing shot after the shot of Changi Airport control tower. It pans to right to left to establish the scene before showing our main character, Mike entering the boarding gate. we have set our setting to be futuristic. The feel i am going for is a modern futuristic. The elements/props will look clean and user friendly, it will be convenient for people to have access to it.

There are a few levels to this particular boarding area. Our story will take place at the 3rd floor. I have incorporated designs elements like straight, clean cut, rounded edges, curves in my design. One of the very important element that stands out in Changi to me is the presence of mini tropical rainforest at many different areas of the airport. Even if our setting is in the future, greenery should be even more important than usual.what’s wrong with having tropical plants in a futuristic setting?



Test 1


I made a colour test of how our airport will look like. I opted for cooler colours for the hard materials as they give off a professional feel. After blocking out the colours on the hard surfaces, i went on to colour the palm trees. Another thing to note, apart from the usual palm tree, in order to make the trees look slightly more futuristic and fitting with out characters, the leaves are design with simple shapes and edges in mind. However, after i blocked in the greens for the tree, immediately i feel that the colour palette didnt really match the entire scene. Another thing i discovered while painting is that I could show the boarding plane on the barricades. They will be lited up and passengers should be able to notice that. Other than the barricade, there is also a big panel showing the plane boarding details.
The wall on the boarding gate are usually blank, the words of flight are changeable,and it changes according to the different flights.



over here, as compared to the previous version, i opted for the look without the outlines to have a cleaner look. And also, since our style reference is Dexter Lab, which also features clean cut looks on their background.

In this newer version, i changed out the palm trees to sculptures that looks like trees



after a few explorations, the flowy metal sculpture looking tree looks kind of interesting and in conjunction of the social tree that has been set up in changi . I thought that it would be a nice idea to combine these 2 together.

Close ups of boarding gate




to indicate that the gate is boarding now, they are lit up.